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Press Release

October 30, 2021

DST systems = darlings
of fossil fuel resellers

French Citizens’ Association
for Equitable
and Sustainable times,

Since 1983 for the end of
double DST  in France


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 In 2016, an article in the New York Times asked “Who benefits from daylight saving time?”
Among the profiteers, the journalist cited the fuel resellers. and gave the testimony of an association of lobbyists provide by the press release from annual meeting in 2010.
titled “NACS 2010-11 Chairman Jeff Miller: Time to Celebrate Our Achievements”

The link within the New York times article is dead but there is an archive on the internet that allows you to read it.

Americans seem to go out more and take their car with the evening daylight which is lengthened with the summer hours (Daylight Saving time) says the article. The United States standardized their time change timings in 1966, so that changing states do so at the same time. The annual length of the daylight saving time season was increased several times between 1986 and 2006 Jeff Miller was taking pride of the lobbying for these extensions  and celebrating the additional sales.

"That's tens of billions of dollars in sales since then,€ said Miller.

"This is really a celebration about us,€ he said. "Overcoming obstacles and coming together to control our destinies. About becoming one industry. About speaking with one voice. And about getting the job done.€”

Published October 30, 2021 modified October 31 (added missing link)

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