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Press Release

October 14, 2021

14 reasons for a better time on our clocks

French Citizens’ Association
for Equitable
and Sustainable times,

Since 1983 for the end of
double DST  in France


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Easy to forget, easy to lack time to say, ACHED informs French citizens on the basis of the state of its knowledge accumulated since 1983: there are at least 14 reasons  for better times o’clock:
  1. Shorter workday potentially
  2. More restful sleep; better tuned circadian rhythms
  3. Stronger immunity
  4. Smarter at school, work, (nursing) homes
  5. Beneficial morning sun
  6. Enjoyable evening penumbra
  7. Better health: less sickness: cancers, Alzheimer, diabetes, obesity; less drugs.
  8. Fewer accidents
  9. Fewer  cars, more bikes and pedestrians
  10. Less violence
  11. End of time changes
  12. Simplified science and experiments
  13. Savings in heating and AC, more manageable electrical grids
  14. Less carbon emissions, less climate danger
List in French and English, explanations are on twitter @ACHEDFR.
Since 1983 ACHED, the French Citizens’ Association for Equitable and Sustainable time, has been asking for a better time on French watches . Until the First World War, the time in France had remained close to solar time, close to Greenwich / Alençon time. But on the momentum of the First World War, the legislators and rulers introduced time changes in the spring and fall, replaced by a permanent advance at the end of the second world war, and more recently, in 1976, the permanent advance was combined with time changes. So today France operates under Ukrainian normal time in summer and under German normal Time in the winter. Also the phenomenon has been contagious worldwide (chronopandemia). Thus the European and world time zones are very anarchic, with time changes and time advances. If we stopped changing the time and came back to more normal time zones, aligned with our solar times, the benefits would be immense.
In a context of our threatened health and future, on the eve of COP26, it is important to be well informed.
This fall, October 31, 2021 at 3 a.m. it will be 2 a.m.… we will  set the time back on the watch.
In 2022, if we change the time in spring, at the end of March, the reverse is expected: at 2 a.m. it will be 3 a.m.
Or, we could stay at 2 a.m., for our good in terms of health and climate.
For any questions or clarifications, contact achedinfo@gmail.com

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Published October 16, 2021

ACHED FR Association Citoyenne Heure Equitable et Durable Anciennement Association Contre l’Heure d'Eté Double

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